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Pottery and ceramics studio – Decorative arts

Visits : All year round- Monday to saturday 9am-12pm/3pm-7pm

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Craftsmen

Campo d'Elge
20253 Patrimonio |

His creations are miraculous. A miracle born from the perfect coordination of the eye and the hand. A little water, a little earth, a little fire. Yet that’s all he needs. And it was all destined to happen: Julien Truchon is a ceramicist and his creations blend all these contradictions with shapes, patterns and colours that only he can invent.

How did he get here? Through his upbringing! Shaping the earth, making pieces, drying them, firing them… All perfectly natural for this young man who, as a child played in his father’s pottery studio "…but it was much later that my desire to create led me to work in this way and I love it”.

Before taking on his father’s studio in Patrimonio, Julien went to train in Burgundy, in one of the best schools for his art. He always had his sights aimed higher and still wanted to learn still more. A trip to Japan proved to be the turning point. His traditional way of working is blended with an inimitable style. At the same time, he has developed a real passion for photography, with his precise eye, powerful vision and artistic creativity… You’ll be amazed when you explore his studio-shop: simple, rugged forms, graphic designs, complex colours and shades… Julien Truchon goes way beyond the boundaries of the decorative arts, creating stunning pieces… These are one-off creations or made in very small series… Accessible to all!

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