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Jean-Claude GRAS

A Matricula

PDO Honey – Gingerbread – Sweets

Visits : by appointment only

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Honey

Agricultural sectors : Corsican honey

village - lieu dit le Cedrajo
20220 Santa Reparata di Balagna

A Matricula is, above all, a fantastic family story. Since 2008, Jean-Claude and Estelle, along with their sons François and Joseph, have been working together to improve the quality and value of their homemade fare. Everything began with Jean-Claude’s career change:

“I always had this passionate interest in bees, and one day I decided it was time to stop thinking about it and go and learn how to do it and then take the plunge!”

Estelle was only too happy to jump in alongside him; since 2012, she’s devoted all her energy to making spiced gingerbread, biscuits and other sweet treats using the six flavours already available in the A Matricula range of honeys. You’ll also find Estelle at the Île Rousse market every morning six months of the year, and every afternoon at the honey farm. “No time to lose, as you can see!” smiles the lady of the house - especially true now that they maintain no fewer than 190 hives! Reinforcements were needed, and thankfully François will soon be stepping in – after initially training in a commercial role, he’s now completing a degree that will enable him to work alongside his father. And, of course, telling the world about the flavours on offer at A Matricula needs communications skills, which is where Joseph, the couple’s younger son, comes in: he’ll soon be responsible for product graphic design.

Together the Gras family is working to build a reputation around a truly exceptional product: honey, made in Corsica!

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