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Jean-Jacques RENOSI

Veal - Regional products

Visits : By appointment from April to June, and September to December

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Corsican veal

Hameau Carbonaccia
20230 Velone Orneto
  04 95 36 83 77 |   06 89 77 79 96

Jean-Jacques Renosi is deeply attached to his village, Carbonaccia Orneto. His father owned a butcher’s shop, and in 1977, the time had come for him to take over. A natural and spontaneous bequest: for many years, the boy had enthusiastically observed his father’s careful respect for tradition. Slowly but surely, Jean-Jacques developed a small family butchers, in order to develop a working business.

Today in the Renosi household - both of Jean-Jacques’ sons are following agricultural training courses – animals are both raised and butchered. Jean-Jacques offers visitors to his small shop, opened in 2010, a rich selection of homemade cold pork meat, made the traditional way. But the pride of Jean-Jacques, is probably his mobile truck that criss-crosses Tavagna ,Valle d’Orezza and Ampugliani serving the villagers of the region. "Oh, I never forget them! They are my priority! 90% of the flour, cheese and oil I sell are the fruit of their labour." The products begin their lives with the very same shepherds he encounters on his travels. Listen carefully...

Can you hear the truck’s hoen echoing through the valley? The continuation of this country practice speaks volumes about Jean-Jacques’ deep links to the values inherent in agriculture. "I was born in the house where I now live. Believe me, there’s nothing finfer than growing a business in your native village." It’s easy to believe!