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Jean-Baptiste FILIPPI & Elsa MATTEI

Gaec L'Enferata

Traditional Goat’s Cheeses - PDO Brocciu

Visits : December-July / 9am-12 noon.

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Corsican cheese, Suckling lamb and goat, Brocciu cheese

lieu-dit Piana Suare
20214 Calenzana |

Through the heart of the Balagne countryside runs the Enferata, a small river that gives it name to the nascent farming business set up by Elsa Mattei and Jean-Baptiste Filippi.

In 2008, the couple were both working as legal experts in the property sector – not exactly a gateway to the farming lifestyle! Still, Jean-Baptiste was always eager to make the change: “My grandparents had livestock, which is common in Corsica: a flock of ewes to be precise. I always knew that raising animals was a tradition I wanted to carry on. Being around animals is freedom!” he tells us enthusiastically. Luckily, it wouldn’t take much to persuade Else to come along; after a training course in 2013, she now looks after the cheese production. “That’s right, I’m behind the production orders; the work is evenly spread out. Our cheese dairy, which will be fully operational a year from now, is my kingdom! Jean-Baptiste does the milking by hand, like his ancestors – he already had some experience doing this from when he was younger” In the coming years, Else and Jean-Baptiste are hoping to enlarge their herd and refine their production processes even further – in the meantime, you’ll have to get your order in quick if you want to taste the fresh cheeses from Enferata!

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