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Farmhouse goat cheese

Visits : From March to June, by appointment

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Corsican cheese, Suckling lamb and goat

route de Chiatra di Verde
20230 Chiatra
  06 71 80 26 74

This is the lighthouse of Alistro, an unmissable landmark on the national road between Bastia and Solenzara which will point you in the direction of the road to Chiatra di Verde, a small picturesque village and one of the oldest in Corsica, with its three Genoese towers and its panoramic view over the mountain and the plain, all the way to the sea.

There have been herders in the Santucci family for generations, so it is only natural that Patriziu found himself in charge of a beautiful flock of two hundred Corsican goats, reared semi-free range, spending winter in the pen and the surrounding scrubland, and summer higher up in Alesani.

Naturally does not necessarily mean easily: in the pure family tradition, from milking by hand in the morning to making the cheese, maturing it and caring for the animals, the working hours are long and the day flies by. Of course, some mornings are easier than others, but he insists, “I wouldn’t give up these goats for all the money in the world!” Produce is sold directly at the dairy, from fresh and melting cheese to more mature cheeses... the flavour only gets better “All cheeses are different, it’s a question of having a knack! And I prefer my own...”.

One delight calls for another... along with his friend Michel, who is also a herder, they have built a convivial place, lower down, closer to the real world. To raise awareness about their products, they organise “cabri à la broche” [“goat on a spit”] evenings, various activities and cheese and fritter tasting evenings, all to order of course.