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Visits : Open all year round

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Brocciu cheese, Corsican cheese, Suckling lamb and goat, Corsican veal

77 - I Campi à l'entré edu village
20220 Aregno

The challenge was thrilling! ... and Nathalie Castellani didn’t hesitate for a single second. A Corsican language teacher in Bastia, then Isula, she and her husband José, a shepherd in Aregnu, decided to join forces in 2014.
“With our thousand animals, we were exclusive raw ingredient suppliers”, explains Nathalie. “But once I expressed my desire to create our own dairy, José and his father Jacques-Antoine were immediately enthusiastic! After over a century of farming we had to take the plunge!”

To develop her skills Nathalie drew upon her childhood memories—observing elders of the niulinca region. She is originally from Albertacce and Poghju di Lozzi. Then, manufacturing techniques needed to be modified, particularly to suit the climate of the Balagne region. The apprentice quickly became the master, producing casgiu frescu and passu. Production is now full-on from mid-October to July!

“It makes you proud to see your product develop and evolve. But you need a lot of patience!” Jokes the 34-year-old shepherdess. Perseverance as a defining quality!

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