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Michel MARTY

U Chjatrese

Farmhouse goat cheese

Visits : Open from November to August in the mornings. Other times: phone beforehand.

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Corsican cheese

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Route de Chiatra di Verde, - D17 - D142
20230 Chiatra

As you wind up the little road that leads to the village of Chiatra di Verde, you enter a verdant haven from which only the old bell tower and the small flagstone roofs emerge. This is where, one day, Michel Marty decided to lead his goats, despite there being no real reason for him to do so.

“No one was a shepherd in my family, but I'd always had this secret desire deep inside me since childhood,” confesses the young shepherd in his small vaulted dairy in the centre of the village. After several odd jobs here and there, Michel decided to go for it and set up his own business. But in 2018, a terrible fire on the Costa Verde almost brought the Chiatra shepherd’s life to a halt. “It was awful, in a matter of minutes I lost all of my animals and my goat pen. I didn't think I'd ever recover,” the farmer confides emotionally He owes his salvation to a remarkable surge of solidarity that rallied the whole of Corsica and made it possible for him to replenish his flock and rebuild his goat pen.

Watching him now, serenely and carefully making his cheeses, and seeing his renewed bond with his goats, one can appreciate that sometimes, the worst obstacles life presents don't always succeed in breaking a man's will and his childhood dreams!

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