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Stephana CHIARI

Domaine de Vignale

PDO olive oil -

Visits : All year by appointment / guest house: from June to September

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree

Agricultural sectors : Oliu di Corsica

Plaine de Venzolasca - Route de Cap Sud
20215 Venzolasca
  06 21 10 10 96 |

Terre dell Vignale the beautiful ... The elegance of a very special place.

An old property steeped in history stands proudly on the Plain of Venzolasca, half-way between the sea and the mountains. This Benedictine farm dates back to at least the eleventh century, and each generation of the Chiari family has sought to preserve it. A beautiful house built above a long vaulted cellar, a chapel and outbuildings full of charm scattered amidst orchards and olive groves.

Today, Stephana Chiari looks after the fields and groves, producing first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil sourced exclusively from olives harvested in his groves. The fruits are milled cold just after harvesting and bottled at the property. The different varieties of olives (Ghjermana, Stefana...) produce several vintages of oils, all of which are of sufficient quality to obtain PDO 'Oil Corsica-Oliu di Corsica’ certification and receive a host of medals.

The elegance of a refined product in beautiful bottles... perfect gifts that you’ll be reluctant to part with!

Coming soon: a shop/reception area on the farm.

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