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Jean-Jacques LAURENT

Au Jardin de La Testa

Organic fruits and vegetables – Organic preserves - Sorbets and fruit juices

Visits : Visits by appointment from June to September (summer fruits and vegetables) / without appointment in late afternoon in July and August (summer fruits and vegetables) / point of sale from May to September

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : And also..., Around orchards and vegetable gardens

Agricultural sectors : Corsican fruit and vegetables

Au Jardin de La Testa - Route De La Testa
20144 Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio

Les Jardins de la Testa extend over nearly 21 hectares, overlooked by Monte Calcinu. A rich orchard cared for by Jean-Jacques Laurent for 13 years.

Gaëtan, his father, acquired the property in 1964 and for 30 years he strived to make it usable. “It was a bumpy road! The terrain resembled impenetrable scrub on the old riverbed of U Cavu. My father had to remove almost 6,000m3 of stones to achieve the result we have now!”
This is a feat that Jean-Jacques wants to honour and sustain. Back in Corsica after a long military career, the young retiree is returning to service. With his father, he learned to work the land, to cooperate with the seasons, and by himself he learned about crop diversification.
“So no more downtime! What with the gardening and arboriculture, there’s only a single free month of the year, which is used to maintain these unique soils!"
Jean-Jacques is particularly keen on the organic farming label: “We are working with living matter. We accompany it through growth. But the taste of the fruit or the vegetable is down to the soils, the ‘terroir’, what the earth holds within. We must preserve this unique character, here more than elsewhere. This is what makes this profession so exciting!”
For Jean-Jacques there is no better satisfaction than to see happy customers leave,and then return!

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