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Renée KRAN

Visits : Open: daily guided visit from 4pm, April to September / 3pm from 1st October until 1st November / by reservation the day before, visit at 10am, followed by brunch / by appointment for groups and out of season.

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Around orchards and vegetable gardens

Agricultural sectors : Corsican fruit and vegetables

20225 Avapessa |

~~An old childhood dream came true for Robert Kran. As a young boy, he spent most of his time in the middle of the large, protective, wonderful forest. “One day, I’ll make my own little forest!” Robert remembers thinking as a teenager.

And, being greedy, it will be a forest of fruit trees! A first vegetable garden/orchard was established in Balagne in 1979, and in 1994 the first fruit trees were planted in the heart of the current garden.
As soon as they met, a few years later, Renée embraced Robert’s project.

And so, all the cultivation work began. “We wanted to create a garden where fruit would ripen throughout the year with a range of varieties,” Robert enthuses. I was aware of climate change very early on. Hence the idea of acclimatising species from tropical uplands.”

After much experimentation (with their fair share of disappointments but also rewards!) the garden opened its doors to the public in 2014 and today it is home to around 80 species and 1000 varieties of fruit! Renée also produces a range of ten products from the Jardin d’Avapessa for visitors, such as soft nougat, jam and dried almonds.
 The Jardin Botanique Fruitier [Botanical Garden Orchard], a true haven of tranquillity and knowledge, is a must-see for old and young alike!

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