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Jean-Paul ANGELI

Gold and sterling-silver jewellery, gemstones (unique pieces)

Visits : Available for meetings all year / phone 48 hours in advance.

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Craftsmen

20146 Sotta
  04 95 71 25 94 |   06 22 60 60 49

Jean-Paul Angeli is a poet. Sitting at his workshop table, he imagines, composes, and combines words and materials. He has been a designer of jewellery for 30 years now, using a mixture of silver, gold and gemstones.

Back in 1969, Jean-Paul wanted to become a writer as his circle of friends all came from Marseille’s art school. However, he’s attracted to jewellery, an art that is still unknown in that famous school. “I was curious about the multitude of possible combinations. My first compositions at least allowed me to buy books!” Jean-Paul confesses modestly. With the creation of jewellery the young designer undoubtedly fulfilled a dream: to be free at last.

Ten years later at the age of 29, Jean-Paul and his wife left the Aix countryside to settle permanently on the Isle of Beauty. They are creatures of habit, and every year in addition to the many expos they attend in France and abroad, the couple spend two months in the Porto-Vecchio area in order to unveil new creations. “One never really leaves Corsica,” says Antonia, the solitary artist’s indispensable companion.

After many experiments, much time spent researching styles, shapes and materials, Angeli’s jewellery has become refined to the point of providing a subtle and elegant geometry. Lapidary work resembling works of art. “Making a piece of jewellery cannot come from copying, but from creation, a part of oneself.”

With “a little extra piece of soul”, something Jean-Paul certainly possesses.