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Visits : May to September, every day, by appointment.

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Craftsmen

Strada di u Pinone - Saint-Antoine de Ghisonaccia
20240 Ghisonaccia
  07 83 25 30 66

Those who think the plain of Ghisonaccia is all about agriculture may be surprised to discover the workshop cum boutique of an uncategorisable artist, bubbling with life and creativity. It was in Saint-Antoine in Ghisonaccia that Catherine Mienville-Lanfranchi recently decided to create her new artistic landmark.

A cross between a cabinet of curiosities and Ali Baba’s cave, Catherine’s studio gives visitors the opportunity to see the artistic and original universe of an equally artistic and original woman. After having devoted her artistic talents to pictorial art for a long time, Catherine is now happily exploring other types of creativity. “Even though I haven’t stopped painting, I wanted to work with materials and give originality to my creations,” said the artist. Whether it is clay beads, resin, polymer clay, recycled items... everything can be subject to creativity in the eyes of Catherine Mienville-Lanfranchi. “I don’t set any limits for myself and I take as much pleasure in creating a sculpture as I do in creating a necklace or pendant,” she explains.

Watching her work with clay or resin and scrutinising the details of her works, one can see the unity of her artistic universe behind the clear proliferation of creativity. What better recognition is there for an artist than to see their mark made and recognised beyond the materials that they use to express themselves! Catherine has succeeded.