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Laurent HENRY

San Larenzu


Visits : Rooms available throughout the year (booking required) / dining available on site featuring products from the farm

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Restaurants & guest houses, farm & cottage holidays

Centre du village - Aullène
20116 Aullène
  04 95 78 63 12 |   06 60 11 11 99 / 07 60 06 24 83 |

Laurent Henry is part of the new generation of breeders who’ve decided to devote themselves to their passion and share it with the rest of the world. “In our family we’ve always had pigs, and from an early age I was helping to make our family charcuterie. I chose my career with a sense of pride in carrying on the family craft and the expertise I inherited from my parents,” says the young man.

Today, Laurent makes no secret of his desire to share his occupation and way of life with as many people as he can. “Whether at my restaurant or the B&B, I always invite customers to come and visit the farm so they can learn a bit about how we raise the animals and our production techniques, after they’ve tasted the quality of the products for themselves,” he continues enthusiastically.

Laurent seems to understand that his customers are more than just consumers – they come here because they love Corsica, and are eager to know more about where these exceptional products come from. “We organise themed stays for our guests, where people leave feeling that their eyes have really been opened, and they’ve gained a fuller appreciation of one of our island’s proudest culinary traditions.” There’s a lot to learn, so no time to lose!   

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