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Giocante PIETRI

Domaine de Saint-Antoine


Visits : June, July and August, Monday to Saturday, 5pm-7pm /
from September to May, by appointment.

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree, Wine, Restaurants & guest houses, farm & cottage holidays

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines, Oliu di Corsica

Campo del Olmo
20230 San Guiliano
  06 51 16 69 89

In 2014, Giocante Pietri, a trained architect, made the perfect career change - he returned to the agricultural realm of his childhood. “I was the third generation of wine and olive oil producers,” explained the young winemaker.

My great-grandfather, Félix, and then my parents Frédérique and Jean-Pierre, dedicated their lives to his 14 acres. It was unthinkable for me, just as it was for my wife, both of us being passionate about nature, to see their work given up on.”

Today, the entire farm (ten hectares of vines, four hectares of olive trees) is certified organic, a successful project of the Pietris which is very precious to them. Their next project will be to complete their wine range with the production of red, rosé and white wine, as well planting a citrus grove. “I just love this landscape!” Giocante says enthusiastically. I’m also very conscious of land development, as a result of my former profession. See those unplanted areas over there? For me, they also show the nature of this particular landscape. Every day, I discover new points of view and new experiences to explore!”

Among them, one would be to open the doors of Domaine de Saint-Antoine to visitors (the gite offers complete immersion!) for a film showing, an artistic performance or a music concert. Because, without a doubt, Giocante is one of our farmers/artists!

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