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Stephan et Marina FRANCISCI

Domaine Amuredda

Certified organic essential oils - Certified organic flower water

Visits : Open between mid-April to end September/ from Monday to Friday 3pm to 7pm and on Saturdays in July and August
By appointment at other times of the year
Shop, distillery visit, children"s "soapmaking" workshop, "welness" workshop, "botanical walk pony ride" workshop
Times and prices can be found on the site

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Culture/nature/well-being/leisure

Agricultural sectors : Corsican essential oils

Route de Poggio
20243 Prunelli di Fiumorbo
  06 25 61 32 49 | |

The story began with a young man, Stephan Francisci, who wanted to live in his native region of Fium'Orbu and to work on the land there. He then met Marina, a young and pretty Belarusian girl, who crossed Europe to be with Stephan on an island that she had only heard of due to Napoleon. Finally and most importantly, Domaine Amuredda was established and the couple decided to concentrate their farming efforts on growing the variety of everlasting flower known as “l’Immortelle”. 

Back in 2004, Stephan and Marina cleared 30 acres of land on which they planted and grew the precious little yellow flowers. Other plantations destined for the production of essential oils followed, completing the range of essential oils which are distilled on site using traditional and natural techniques, earning “certified organic” appoval.

Thanks to the quality of their produce, Stephan and Marina Francisci quickly attracted the interest of pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. However, they wanted to welcome a wider public and invite customers on site, including visits of their brand new distillery and shop. Domaine Amuredda is currently extending its range of products and now offers flower water and beauty and massage oils for sale, as well as essential oils.

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