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Marie Antoine GARAUDELLE

Ecurie Le Golfe

Equestrian Centre

Visits : Winter: lessons and rides -
Summer: beach rides, rides across scrub land,

Regions : Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

Categories : Culture/nature/well-being/leisure

Abbartellu - Route de Porto Pollo
20113 Olmeto
  06 31 92 29 93 /

A qualified riding instructor, Guillemette Billiet has been living her dream for over 35 years.

“It was inconceivable for me not to go into the equestrian world!  I have been riding since childhood. My future was obvious!” After training in Saumur, a reputable national equestrian school, Guillemette broadened her experience in numerous equestrian centres, 

in Alsace, the centre and the south of France. “After my time in Moselle with winters of minus 20 degrees, I realised that I bitterly missed the sun!” jokes the horsewoman. So,in 1990 she moved to Corsica. After working for 20 years in Serra di Ferro, falling in love with landscapes around the mouth of the Taravu, not far from Propriano, Guillemette set up her own equestrian centre, La Plage, ideally located on the edge of the sea. “It was a real challenge! I spent a whole winter making the land usable. Even now, I am always makinge improvements.” The next stage for this energetic riding instructor is to create a stable in the paddock and jumping fences. “This is an activity that will be added to the horse-riding classes and rides”, concludes Guillemette. Much to horse-lovers’ great pleasure!

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