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Distillerie Vitalba

AB (organic) essential oils – Biodynamics – Hydrolates – Massage oils – Vegetable oils - Tincture

Visits : From April to October from Monday to Friday, 2pm – 6pm / July-August, + Saturday

Regions : Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

Categories : Culture/nature/well-being/leisure

Agricultural sectors : Corsican essential oils

Orasi - Vallée de l'Ortolo
20100 Sartène
  06 86 96 28 26 |

Born into an industrial family, Michèle Pantalacci grew up around the metal industry during the first few years of her life. However, she would one day experience an emotional and sensorial shock that was far removed from the clanging of metal and was an experience that would change her life. “It was almost by accident that I discovered essential oils, but it was immediately a revelation for me, not only in an olfactory way, but also emotionally and psychologically. I was fascinated by the discovery of the power of plants and the other hidden resources that each harboured, says Michèle with enthusiasm. She continues: “I had found my path! Originally from Sartène, my husband understood my desire and we decided to leave the south of France to come to Corsica”.

There, Michèle began her agricultural and aromatherapy training. Vitalba was born! Between wild yet controlled harvests, cultivated on a beautiful plateau overlooking the Ortolo valley, Michèle Pantalacci has developed a comprehensive range of organic products, revealing all the benefits that Corsican nature kindly bequeaths us.


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