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Visits : Open: all year round/by appointment only

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Culture/nature/well-being/leisure

Agricultural sectors : Corsican essential oils

Zone de livraison

lLivraison à partir de 25€ d'achat : lozari, ile rousse, algajola, monticello, corbara, feliceto,belgodere,palasca, costa, ville di paraso, speloncato, occhiatana, etc.
Tous les produits seront disponibles à la livraison même au delà de mai en function du stock.

Produits livrés

Huiles essentielles et hydrolats ( essences : Immortelle, Romarin, Laurier, Carotte, Cyprès, Fenouil, Genévrier, Pistachier Lentisque, Lavande, Myrte, Nepita, Pin laricio, Lavande) ,

Ld Tesa - Route du Reginu
20226 Occhiatana

~~Upon discovering the world of Julien Fauconnier in the heart of the lovely Balagne, one could say that Corsican agriculture is decidedly full of men and women with unique experiences.
Take a moment to imagine that just a few years ago, the young man who has now mastered the art of distilling essential oils was busy mastering computer science in Paris, where he had gone to study.

 Despite the excitement of Parisian life, he still had memories of his great-grandfather’s olive grove, which was slowly turning into scrubland.
Then one day, the silent call of the land became more urgent and Julien Fauconnier crossed the sea to return to his Balagne refuge.

“I started off producing organic olive oil but the climate in recent years has made harvests unpredictable. I therefore decided to focus mainly on producing essential oils. I don’t grow the plants needed for distillation, I simply select the plants that are naturally present on my land,” he says.
The helichrysum, rosemary and many other plants deliver the essence of their medicinal and olfactory properties and ensure the complete purity of his certified organic oils.
 By swapping his keyboard for a sickle and a still, Julien seems to have found his calling!


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