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Stéphanie OLMETA

Domaine Stéphanie OLMETA

PDO Patrimonio wines - PDO Cap Corse Muscat

Visits : 1 April to 30 October, 930am-12.30pm / 3.30pm-7.30pm.
By appointment at other times.

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

20253 Patrimonio

Stéphanie Olmeta hails from the local area, having grown up and thrived in Patrimonio. She was working as a secretary without much interest in winegrowing when, in 2004, her father suggested she run the vineyard formerly held by her grandparents. Whether it was her origin, her roots, her youth or perhaps driven by the challenge, Stéphanie embraced the opportunity and started off on an adventure!

Entirely self-taught, she delivered her first harvest two years later with wines that resembled her own personality: vibrant and refreshing, endowed with lots of character, promising. This successful initiation was in no way beginner's luck: Stéphanie and her husband worked tirelessly in order to reshape the vineyard with plantings of Vermentinu, Niellucciu and Muscat à petits grains and replace the missing vine stock. They also needed to build cellars for aging and storing the wines, and then learn the techniques for creating and managing an organic vineyard. They came close to giving up  on many occasions, the couple persevered thanks to support from the other Patrimonio winegrowers.

"Going organic was a big step: no pesticides ever touch our vines, no yeast ever enters into the composition of our wines", stresses Stéphanie, who has no regrets about switching professions.

The successive vintages showcased her acquired expertise and talent in producing wines full of charm, flavour and precision.

Whites, rosés, reds and muscats are all on display at the winemaker's pleasant shop, which greets visitors between April and the end of October, before Stéphanie returns to the cellar to nurture her various delicious nectars.

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