Breeding centre of excellence

ALTIANI breeding centre of excellence: a showcase for island farming

The Altiani centre of breeding excellence is an economic and technical reference unit run by ODARC (Office for the Agricultural and Rural Development of Corsica). These facilities allow for full-scale experiments which would otherwise be impossible on individual farms.

The centre also uses different selection processes of Corsican breeds of sheep, goats, pigs, bees and soon cows.

This centre of excellence enables different sectors of islands breeders to benefit from facilities that help them develop selections of local breeds, as well as providing a basis for the AOC/AOP certification process for highly distinctive island products, such as honey, charcuterie and cheese (the quest for quality via links with the local terroir).

Opening January 2015

Visits to the centre and the different animal areas can be organised in advance by contacting Marie Pierre Bianchini: / phone:
+33 (0)613947728

Areas open to visitors:

  • Sheepfold (Corsican ewes)
  • Milking parlour
  • Cheese dairy
  • Unit housing young Corsican nanny goats
  • Artificial insemination centre for Corsican rams
  • Nustrale pig breeding centre
  • Honey house and artificial insemination centre for Corsican ecotype bees.
  • Exhibition room screening a documentary on local breeds and their products