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Gwenaële BOUCHER

Domaine Granajolo

Organic and PDO Porto Vecchio wines

Visits : Point of sale : all year on appointment
June to september : 9am – 1pm and 5pm to 7pm

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

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De Porto Vecchio à Solenzara

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Domaine Granajolo - La Testa
20144 Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio |

In 1999, Gwenaële Boucher flew to Australia to learn winemaking techniques.
She learned very quickly, despite her young age, as she was only 23 at the time, that she was working in an “industry”, far from the values taught to her by her father, André, a true vine lover.
The young woman would only remain in the Pacific for six months before returning three years later to André in the Domaine de Granajolo.

“Everybody comes back sooner or later,” she says. “Living elsewhere makes us aware of the opportunity that we have here. The opportunity of having quality soils for the production of wine... of quality, I hope!”

Just like her father, Gwenaële makes no compromises. Low-key but feisty, she works alone on the 20 hectares planted in 1974. “My father was not a winemaker by profession, he learned over time. Twenty years in the Bordeaux region certainly allowed him to acquire coherent skills. I’m trying to follow his footsteps!”

On this winding road Gwenaële is firmly supported by her mother, Monika, who manages administrative records.
Not to mention Florian, her husband, who takes care of mechanicaland domestic maintenance! “It's a real family affair! Everyone has a role to play. We’re all perfectly in tune and their help is both valuable and indispensable to me.”

Gwenaële has no lack of projects for the Domaine, and with such support the future seems bright!

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