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PDO Porto Vecchio wines

Visits : All year from Monday to Saturday / 8am – 7pm.

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

Scea Domaine Fior Di Lecci - RN 198, Lecci
20137 Lecci |

The Domaine Fior di Lecci is part of a beautiful family history. Maurice Gueyraud and his wife created the Lecci winery in 1969; at the time the place seemed deserted and the land free of any vine culture.
Thus began long, hard work to make the property usable. It’s this unbridled passion that Maurice and Monique’s four children want to honour today.

“It seemed inconceivable for us all to let this legacy disappear after so much effort and so many sacrifices over the decades. 27 hectares with his own bare hands, that’s no mean feat!” explains Jacques, one of the men of the family, domaine manager since 2009. “We all have different characters but we managed to bring them together to sustain the vineyard!” he concludes.
Functions were distributed quite naturally among the Gueyrauds, each aware of the work they had to do. Louis and Marie-Thèrèse took to accounting, Jacques is at the helm and Jean, the younger brother, is the man on the ground amongst the vines.

“We had this amazing inheritance, a lifetime’s work,” says Jean, “it was of course a duty to keep it alive but also a great joy for us to share together!” Maria Theresa, the only daughter amongst the siblings, observes her men tenderly and adds: “This is perhaps the recipe for happiness: to create and build something with the people you love.”
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