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Domaine De Torraccia

Organic and PDO Porto Vecchio wines – PDO olive oil – Table olives

Visits : All year / July - August, 8am – 8pm / other months, 8am – 12 noon and 2pm – 6pm / closed Sundays and public holidays / groups by appointment (fees apply).

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree, Wine

Agricultural sectors : Oliu di Corsica, Corsican wines

Domaine De Torraccia - Torraccia
20137 Lecci |

"Love-Believe-Dare" has been the Imbert family motto for 50 years, from the date of creation of the Domaine de Torraccia. A pioneer in organic farming, Christian Imbert, the patriarch, works for the recognition of endemic grape varieties, rooted in original expertise. Ploughing the earth, “décavaillonnage” (meaning "ploughing that turns the earth at the foot of the stem"), the harvest: everything is done by hand!

“I do not believe in big changes,” confides Marc, the eldest of the siblings who’s been in charge of the domaine since 2008. “When analysing our soils, it’s clear that Torraccia is the way it is today because it remained simple and authentic. This is the quality that I want to have preserved.” A former wine supervisor in California, Marc has a keen knowledge of sales techniques, of “business” as he says. "A very American concept,” he says. “But now I’ve turned a corner; I am a winemaker and that changes everything!”

A winemaker yes, but not only! The family also owns 25 hectares of olive groves. “An olive grove as old as the domaine,” explains Christophe, Marc’s younger brother. “The oil produced here is highly prized, but Picholines (a variety of table olives originating from the Gard) are very popular with connoisseurs, and watching my daughter play here in such a carefree way, I’m reminded of the pleasure this place brings.”

The good life, you say? The Domaine de Torraccia has been home to it for half a century!

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