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PDO Figari wines – PDO olive oil

Visits : All year except during the harvest season (August and/or September) / tours and tastings by appointment only

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree, Wine

Agricultural sectors : Oliu di Corsica, Corsican wines

Clos Canarelli - Tarrabucceta
20114 Figari | |

Traditionally in Corsica, families possessed some vines for domestic consumption. Thus begins the story of the Clos Canarelli…

Yves Canarelli immediately understood the potential of this vineyard.
His father bequeathed a small plot of 10 hectares to him in 1992. However he wanted to develop this into his principal business. “I was certain we could live from working this land and this motivation was contagious in the region!”
His cousin Daniel was in fact following the same path, with passion, over fifteen years ago. “All regions, such as Calvi or Patrimoniu in the 90s, were able to stimulate, energise and attract younger generations to viticulture.” Seven winemakers now produce in the Figari region, and soon there will be eleven.

As for the Clos Canarelli, it gained 28 more hectares and a winery that Yves established in 2007, after 14 years as part of a cooperative. “I could not imagine in the long term not working this raw material myself. It would have been frustrating for me not to learn how to give character to my wine, not to be in full possession of all the tools for the job. What fun would have been wasted!”

As with the wine, Yves plans to transform the 11 hectares of olive trees present on the Domaine.

The construction of the mill with its studied and refined design will soon be completed and visitors will be able to taste Canarelli oil!


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