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Petra Bianca

Organic PDO Corsican Figari wine – Sheep cheese – PDO Brocciu

Visits : Off- season, mornings or on appointment / peak season 9am-1pm and 3pm-6pm from Monday to Saturday

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Wine, Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines, Brocciu cheese, Corsican cheese, Suckling lamb and goat

Zone de livraison

Drive à la cave,
livraison Porto Vecchio, Figari, Bonifacio

Produits livrés

Vins AB/AOP Corse Figari

Ld Petra Grossa
20114 Figari |

Joël Rossi and Jean Curallucci are inseparable cousins! As breeders, they carry the family torch and carry on the production of various cheeses such as Sartenaise Tome, Casgiu, Niulincu and Brocciu (fresh, aged, and dry). “The ovine pastoral tradition is part of our heritage. It's a lifestyle and recognition of our commitments, such as organic production. That was obvious!” says Jean. Viticulture arrived with the opportunity for both men to buy the viticultural land on which their herd grazed. In 1990 the beginning of a complete restructuring of the domain began. “First the entire space needed to be rethought,” explains Joël, “and recently  reintroduce old endemic varieties such as Riminese, Genovese or Muresconu. But our plans did not stop there!” The Petra Bianca winery came into existence 4 years ago (whose name comes from a plot of land crossed by a quartz vein), where active manual labour was required for the development of the chai. In the near future, reinforcing its entitlement to the High Quality Environmental standard, it will earn the status of a positive- energy building (Bâtiment à Énergies Positives - BEPOS).

Raphaëlle and Lucien, Joël and Jean’s children, at their parents’ sides, are eager to perpetuate the respect for this tradition. “The Earth,” says Joël, “is in our veins, so naturally we respect it!” Ava è detta!*

* Now it’s been said!

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