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Jean-Marc & Emmanuel VENTURI

Domaine VICO

PDO wines

Visits : All year. 9h-12/14h-19h. Tasting, guided tours and snacks at the cellar by appointment. (from 12€ to 40€)

Regions : Centru di Corsica

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

Route De Calvi - Ponte-Leccia
20218 Morosaglia
  04 95 47 32 04 |

The Clos Venturi is a unique vineyard in Central Corsica. In terms of altitude, it is also the highest - between 300 and 400 metres - which means that the resulting fragrances deliver unique notes.

The soil where the vines grow give the wine its personality. Here, this vineyard is atypical, unaffected by the sea, with a continental climate, delivering powerful cultivars which still remain subtle and balanced”, explains Emmanuel Venturi, who has taken over the management of this vast 82 hectare property from his father Jean-Marc.

When the Venturi family bought the farm in 1986 - from the Vico family, owners since 1901! - they immediately decided to renovate it. Jean-Marc and his cousin, François Acquaviva, set to work on the 62 hectare plantation. Following his management studies in Nice, Emmanuel joined them in 2003. “During numerous discussions with my father, I came to understand how to work the specific characteristics of this land. Today his advice still continues to help me add more character to the vintages.”

As is usual in Corsica, adventures usually happen in families, the attachment to the land being closely linked to this. Today the Domaine Vico - Clos Venturi wine cellars, housed in a modern but simple structure, attract an increasing number of visitors to discover the taste of an exceptional cru.


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