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PDO Corsica and IGP

Visits : October - May, Saturday 3pm - 7pm / June - September, Monday to Saturday 4pm - 7pm.

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

lieu dit Capanella - Solaro
20240 Solaro
  06 22 21 56 93 (Gregory) |   06 19 38 10 72 (Claudine)

As children, Marie-Hélène and Claudine played amongst the domaine’s vines, a vineyard that was non-existent in 1965 which their father Hubert patiently and painstakingly shaped for nearly 13 years with his bare hands, in respect of ancestral traditions.

Later on, the Dubuche sisters and their mother, Yvette, would assist in the daily tasks of the winemaker. Yvette would then take over operations in 1978, following the accidental death of her husband. “For 12 years, our mother was able to ‘take the reins’,” explains Claudine, the youngest. “When she was no longer able to assume management of the estate alone, we  had no hesitation in leaving our higher education studies in order to take over. Obviously,” adds Marie-Hélène, “it was inconceivable for us to abandon our paternal inheritance.” Thus, in 1990, the young women decided to create an on-site winemaking laboratory. Fortunately, they were supported by caring, knowledgeable and professional husbands ! “Gérald is the son of a winemaker, and Claudine’s husband a farmer. We couldn’t ask for better companions!” jokes Marie-Hélène.

Together, this team develops fine PDO wines, local wines and apéritifs. Following in the footsteps of their mother, since 1986, Claudine has developed a range of vinegars with original flavours, such as vinegars with a garlic or even chocolate flavour! As for Marie-Hélène, she toils over jams with fruit from the garden.

The Domaine Saint-Hubert is still on the boil!


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