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Jean-Baptiste - Alexandra - Marc Aurèle dE PERETTI DELLA ROCCA

Domaine de Tanella

PDO wines Figari

Visits : Year round at the heart of the village of Figari / in summer, shop on route de Bonifacio.

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

20114 Figari
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The Domaine de Tanella is one of seven functioning vineyards in Figari. With 58 hectares, it has been expanding since 1855! “And it is not over yet!” exclaims Jean-Baptiste De Peretti della Rocca, the owner. “My wish is to eventually total 80 hectares in order to cover a wide range of grape varieties, the most important of which will remain endemic!”

Jean-Baptiste was born on the Domaine. He grew up helping his forebears with the viticulture and the cattle. 40 years of full dedication to these granitic soils! “My first memories on the farm date back to when I was five. I already had my own stick to guide the cows!”

This informed winemaker is proud to fully participate in the third phase of Corsican viticulture. “At one time they made fun of island wines. Today, all thinking is based on a vineyard’s restructuring. These days all the wineries, even the cooperatives, offer quality wines, which contribute to the recognition of the Corsican vineyard once again.”

Jean-Baptiste wants to sustain this reputation with new goals for the Domaine de Tanella, such as the planting of a very particular grape variety in the “Extreme South”, a powerful red: the Carcaghjolu Neru. Initiatives all backed by his daughter, Alexandra, who is in charge of sales and communication. “So many things have yet to be built.

The future looks promising!” concluded the young woman – the 7th generation!

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