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Philippe ORSUCCI



Visits : Year-round

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

RN200, lieu dit Croce - Route de Corté
20270 Aleria
  04 95 55 73 63

Without François, the Clos d’Orléa’s story would not have been the same!” says Sabine Dominici, the bubbly communications director of the vineyard. François Orsucci, the head of the domaine, which was created in 1980, likes to talk about his years spent at the heart of the property’s now 60 hectares on the coast of Aleria. From an early age François was passionate about vine growing, probably from watching his father work the few trees in front of the family home, as was customary at the time. “But my father has a few strings to his bow: when he likes something, he starts producing it! jokes Adrian, the youngest of the siblings in charge of the domaine since 2012.

We had three olive trees on this land”, he continues, still laughing. “Now we’ve got almost four hundred! My father is a perfectionist, he follows through with his passions. A sure-fire way to be able to transmit these passions to as many people as possible.  Adrien has measured up the task falling to him! With his facility nearby, he can now fully concentrate on the task at hand, beginning with the 6 hectares currently being restructured. Young vinesNew blood that will produce their first fruit in three years time. The Clos d’Orléa adventure continues and new pages of its story are yet to be written!

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