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Domaine Fiumicicole

Sartène PDO wines

Regions : Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

D268, Route de Lévie
20100 Sartène
  04 95 77 10 20 |

In the 1960s, Corsican winemaking underwent a major transformation, moving from private to semi-industrial production. High-yield grape varieties were chosen, with quantity often exceeding quality. However, in the Rizzanese valley, a small winemaker has decided to take a stand against this practice. Félix Andreani has created his domaine  by choosing to restore honour to the traditional, endemic, and perfectly suited grape varieties .

My father was a pioneer in this field. He understood before others that the best grape varieties for Corsican wines were those that had always been used by the winemakers of former generations, based on observation and thorough knowledge of the island terroir, explains Simon Andreani, who now manages the domaine.

Félix Andreani’s choice was quickly proven a wise one, as the Domaine Fiumicicoli is one of the first to distinguish itself based on the quality and consistency of its wines. In 1982 his son Simon, who followed in his footsteps in terms of work philosophy, joined him. A logical consequence of this avant-garde choice: for over 50 years Fiumicicoli wines have enjoyed the same reputation in the island wine-making landscape.


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