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Domaine Giudicelli Muriel

PDO wines

Visits : From the end of April to the end of October / outside the summer period, it is best to take an appointment

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

20253 Patrimonio |

Her maternal great grandfather had a deep love of vineyards. Her father, a wine lover. So it was difficult for Muriel Giudicelli not to be bitten by the same bug!

A few vines were planted in 1950 for family consumption, as was customary in Corsica. This tradition soon became Muriel's daily lifestyle, brought up to respect the land and the environment. “My mother inculcated a taste for good things. We were fed on healthy organic fruit and vegetables. It was obvious that I should continue these traditions on my farm! 

The Giudicelli Estate - established in 1997 - uses biodynamic treatment (the produce is considered as a living organism, diverse and autonomous and all treatment for the vines is from organic sources, without additives). Muriel's husband, Stéphane, works hard at this delicate task -whilst Muriel oversees the wine-making.

Our philosophy is to be in tune with the seasons, and to treat the vines accordingly. The Patrimoniu estate, now a classified vineyard, is an extraordinary heritage. A clay-limestone environment, surrounded by schist, it is perfectly suited to wine growing. We have to avoid ruining it with chemicals!”

Muriel's “natural” wine is a reflection of this land:  natural, fair and free!

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