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Domaine de la Figarella

Calvi PDO wines

Visits : Year-round / from October to May, Wednesday and Saturday 3pm – 6pm / June to September, daily except Sunday, 11am – 12:30pm and 4pm – 7pm

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

Rte de la Forêt de Bonifatu
20214 Calenzana

Towards Bunifatu forest lie the Domaine de la Figarellas 24 hectares. Since 1980, Achille Acquaviva has run a part of the family land, and other assets that were added to it over time. Although taking over the farm seemed obvious, working the earth is restrictive to say the least! ”, the experienced winemaker openly admits, but this profession is also “exciting because of this crucial requirement for permanent adaptation to the terroir, to the consumer’s taste, and to sales trends".

Adapting primarily for quality, but not at the expense of tradition!  In Balagne, Achille’s father was the pioneer, planting grafted vines  of Sciaccarellu – an endemic grape variety (still in the family now!). At the time, curiosity and disbelief went hand in hand.

The future would prove that this audacity was correct! ”I continued” explains Achille, to develop it myself, because it suited the region perfectly; granitic soil with medium productivity its potential for red and rosé is incredible! I had to make qualitative decisions, and of course as youll have understood, adapt! . Achille is doing this once again, by complementing his parcels of vineyard with 12 hectares of citrus fruit production! For sale directly from him, the six citrus fruits on offer are part of Achille Acquaviva’s committed and cherished diversification.

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