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Domaine A Ronca

PDO Calvi Wines

Visits : Year-round / October-May, Wednesday and Saturday 3pm-6pm / June-September, every day except Sunday 11am-12.30pm & 4pm-7pm.

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

Route de la Forêt de Bonifatu
20214 Calenzana | |

As a child, Marina Acquaviva was happiest when watching the wine being made in her family cellar, and retains fond memories of this early immersion in a very special world. “I was a bit like Obélix falling into the magic potion – except for me it was a vat of wine!” she laughs. As for the future, her career seems to be well-mapped out: after specialist training in Montpelier, Marina set up her own operation in 2006, with an initial 11 hectares of vineyards. “More than anything, my vineyard is about my personal desire to carry on my family’s traditions,” she says. Her father, Achille Acquaviva, still operates large plots of vines just beside Marina’s, and in the same vein she decided, in 2008, to take on the old vines that had once belonged to her grandfather and nurse them back to health. Her efforts have allowed Marina to create a world-class fine wine, made the traditional way: the Clos Acquavive, made using hand-picked grapes and barrel-aged.

In 2011, Marina began the next step of her enterprise: the development of an organic vineyard operation. “This is something I consider essential; today, you have to be able to produce in a way that protects both the environment and your customer.” The “Alexandre” and “Marie” vintages (named after Marina’s two children) are the fruits of this latest labour, and the beginning of a new chapter in a fascinating family story.

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