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Domaine Vecchio

PDO/PGI Wines - Regional Produce

Visits : From May to August, 9.00h -12.00h and 15.30h -19.00h / March-April and October, 9.00h-12.00h and 15.00h-18.00h / grape harvesting and other periods by appointment only.

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

Zone de livraison

Côte Orientale jusqu'à Bonifacio
06 03 78 09 96

Produits livrés

Vins AOP/IGP de Corse

domaine Vecchio - Chiatra di Verde
20230 Chiatra
  04 95 38 03 37 |   06 03 78 09 96

As a child, Florence grew up amongst the Niellucciu vineyards, observant and inquisitive. As a teenager, she knew one day that she would own her own vineyard. “When grapes get a hold of you, it is magical! You realise straight away that you want to make your own wine. Do you know what my nickname was at school? Oneideakid!” So, to realise her dreams, she intensified her course work at the Borgo Agricultural College.

Meeting Jérôme, her future husband, an oenologist, fast tracks the project she had been dreaming about for all those years. A fruit of their passion for Bacchanalian delights, the Domaine Vecchio saw the light of day at the grape-harvest in 2000. “We make wines that are like us, wines created by Craft Winemakers.”

Just a stone's throw from the sea, on the D17 towards Chjatra, the 28 hectare estate stretches out up to the slopes of Monte San Appiano, an 1100m high mountain. The micro-climate induces morning mists and the cool nights add fruitiness and a touch of acidity to the grapes as they ripen to perfection! This young, happy and bubbly woman says she believes in lucky stars. If “luck is earned” you can easily see that Florence has earned her piece of paradise with the exquisite wines she offers to her customers - and they are her best reward.


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