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Marie-françoise DEVICHI

Mlle D

Patrimonio PDO wines Cap Corse PDO Muscat

Visits : All year / it is best to telephone in advance.

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

Zone de livraison

Livraison dans le Nebbiu, le Grand Bastia et début du Cap-Corse et l'entrée de la costa verde.

Produits livrés

Vins AOP Patrimonio : Rouge, Rosé et Blanc, AOP Muscat du Cap Corse , Muscat a petits grains, Muscat pétillant et vins de liqueur de myrte et d'orange

20253 Barbaggio | |

From childhood, Marie-Françoise Devichi observed her parents working on and developing their vines. Forty hectares, situated on the Barbaggio plain, a place surrounded by vestiges of the past, which her father, Jacques, has looked after in a meticulous and caring way.

As a teenager, Marie-Françoise continued to observe the slow, precise work of pruning the vines, and also learnt the processes of wine selling and export. But as a young woman she chose a different path. “It was my parentsjob! But today, when I think of it, I wouldnt do anything else for the world!” she says. Her destiny was already mapped out!

In 2012, Marie-Françoise officially took over the domain and became the first female wine-grower in six generations of Devichis! Jacques is still at his daughter’s side, acting as 'head of cultivation'. “And you can be sure that the vines are perfectly in line!” says Marie-Françoise jokingly. She has managed to combine her paternal wine-growing heritage and her own research. For example, she decided to follow the advice of her great uncle, Louis, and age her PDO Muscat for three consecutive years. Its success was immediate! The young, passionate wine-grower has many other projects, both in terms of covering innovations in taste and the development of the domain.

The “Mlle D” signature label is now established!

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