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Sébastien CANTARA

Domaine de la Murta

Organic wines - PDO Figari Corsica

Visits : Open all year round

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Wine

Figari Village
20114 Figari |

The Domaine de la Murta is celebrating its fifty-fourth birthday today. However, this doesn’t take into account the first vine which was planted in 1880 by Sébastien Cantara’s great-great-grandfather! Nearly six thousand vines per hectare of the carcaghjolu neru grape variety, essentially for family consumption.

“It was my grandfather, Joseph, who created the Domaine in 1963,” says Sébastien, the new manager of the vineyard. “Family members remained the main beneficiaries, but one could say that the Domaine de la Murta made a fresh start from that date!”

With a paternal legacy and after training at the agricultural school of Sartè, Sébastien, who was just 23 years old in 2013, began redeveloping the organic farming operation, which mainly consisted of old vines. Today, three hectares are ready and the future project is very promising. “The help and advice my father gave me has been invaluable. There are many aspects to this profession nowadays and we don’t want time to be the enemy! Time plays a large part in each stage, and we mustn’t be afraid of it, even though I know it’s a long road ahead!” Sébastian is eager to pass on his knowledge of Domaine de la Murta, just as his father, a fervent proponent of the wine-making tradition, did.

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