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Eric et fils POLI

Domain Poli - Clos Alivu

PDO Corsica wines

Visits : Open all year round.

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

Bravone - RT 10
20230 Linguizzetta
  04 95 38 82 75 |

Ange Poli spent his youth on the small family farm. Following in the footsteps of his wine-grower father, Ange set up his own farm on the east coast of Corsica in the late 1960s and after a few years specialised in the production of citrus and kiwi fruit. He quickly felt that his role in the co-operative wine-making process was cramping his style – he wanted to make his own wine and had just one aim in mind: producing his own label.

“Working for so long in farming makes you want to produce something in honour of it.” 

The opportunity to do so presented itself when his two sons, Eric and Antoine, came back home in 1990. Together, they used their harvested grapes to make wine and six years later, produced their first vintage of Domaine de Piana. It proved to be a great success, and one which Eric puts down to his father’s attachment to the land: “Our elders have a unique understanding of nature, an innate sense. They still work with the seasons, for example. There is still so much we  need to learn,” he admits. 

Ange combines his love of the land with genuine political commitment. He was President of the Haute-Corse Chamber of Agriculture for 12 years and long-time trade unionist. He has devoted all his life to defending the profession. These days, he is in charge of a vineyard covering almost 250 acres!  He certainly provides a fine example of perseverance paying dividends!

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