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Marie-Charlotte PINELLI

Domaine Pinelli

Visits : Open all year round

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

Rte de Casta
20217 Saint Florent |

Marie-Charlotte comes across as a (very) shy and reserved young woman. However, in the Pinelli family, the ubiquitous steely character is well-suited to tackling large-scale projects!
Reviving the family vineyard is one of these ventures. Marie-Charlotte’s paternal grandfather, Simon-Pierre, worked in the vineyards in a traditional way until the 2000s.

When François, the patriarch, tells his daughter about his desire to use the two hectares in Oletta, revived two years earlier, to make wine, Marie-Charlotte didn’t think twice about stopping her architect training and returning to Casta to lend a hand.
Armed with a BTS certificate in oenology and viticulture, the young woman, aged just 19, offers her first cuvée of muscat, produced using natural winemaking methods, in 2015, which she made during her first work experience with a neighbouring winemaker, Nicolas Mariotti Bindi.

“It was an experience accomplished in perfect harmony with my father,” says Marie-Charlotte. “We really complement each other in this way. We work in the vineyard together, and I really take note of his advice and experience. Meanwhile, I’ve taken charge of the communications side of things, courtesy of my taste for the graphic arts!”

 It’s a source of simple joy for the fulfilled Marie-Charlotte, whose only boss is Nature and who will soon open up to the rest of the world!

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