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Thierry BUZZO

Buzzo Bunifazziu

Protected Geographical Indication wines

Visits : April to September, Monday to Saturday / October to March, by appointment

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

Zone de livraison

région de Bonifacio, Porto-Vecchio, Sainte-Lucie, Sartene, Propriano, deux fois par semaine.

Produits livrés

Le rosé Ciafara ((cépages Sciacarellu Barbarossa Niellucciu)
Le rouge Ciafara ((cépages Niellucciu Sciacarellu)
Le rouge Cian di Fossi (cépage minustellu)

20169 Bonifacio
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The slender silhouette of Vincent Buzzo, father; massive body anchored to the ground for Thierry, son. Two very distinct physical appearances but a bond that unfailingly unites them: work in the vineyard and love for their native land.

This land of Bunifazziu (the place name takes two z’s in the language of Bonifacio, Vincent insists on it and he’s not wrong!), this land which the Buzzo winegrower family settled long before the XVIIIth century. The 12 hectares of the farm are liberally sprinkled with traces of its agricultural past. "Their presence is a testimony to wine production, specifies Vincent, passionate about heritage issues. Like this Pisan tower where the first floor was used for winemaking or even inverted wells, designed by the Genoese, to supply watering troughs!" Vincent, 68, learned alongside his father. Thierry, 32, is continuing this tradition. He was 9 when he saw his grandfather getting in his last harvest. The passion was already there.

Today, after 10 years of rehabilitation, the estate is in the process of getting its Organic Farming certification, although it has always been worked with respect for the soil (no question, for example, of mowing between the rows, so as not to destabilise biodiversity; likewise, no stone picking because it’s precisely the stones bring that give the terroir its singularity). Grand projects are currently underway and the most beautiful without doubt for Thierry is the birth of a little girl. The succession is assured!

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