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Christian ESTEVE


PDO Corsica wines

Visits : Open every day in July and August and by prior booking outside the summer season
Training courses and tastings.

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

Lieu dit Rotani, Vaccaghja - RN200
20270 Aleria
  06 09 97 03 17

Christian Esteve was born to work with vines. He was helping out on his father’s land at 19 and then began working for himself in 2010. Christian now produces wine on 42 acres of vineyards as part of a wine cooperative and 12 acres as an individual grower. This dual role means that he is able to be independent.

“Being a wine grower is akin to being a teacher who unfortunately will not be able to judge their pupils’ progress over the years. Being a wine producer involves mastering all the production stages and seeing the process through to the very end. Clos Canereccia’s identity is also mine!” 

Visitors to his wine cellar - an old building that he restored himself – can learn, discuss and taste. Time seems to stand still here. In fact, Christian refuses to have a clock on the wall! For the wine enthusiast that he is, this conviviality is important: “Sharing my wine gives me enormous pleasure. For me, time shouldn’t matter.”

To enhance his holding, Christian pays particular attention to some old varieties of grape that he grows in small quantities. “I’m not a businessman,” he says. “I’m a farmer and I like to apply myself more and more each year”.  Christian sees his trade as a stroke of good fortune and is mindful of one important detail: “Despite our efforts, hopes and expectations, there is only one master and that’s the weather!” How about humility as a raw ingredient! 

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