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Jacques et Eloïse BIANCHETTI


PDO Ajaccio wines

Visits : All year round.

Regions : Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

Pisciatellu - Porticcio
20166 Ajaccio |

If we had to choose just one phrase to define Clos Capitoro, it would undoubtedly be “passing down”. First of all, passing down land in the heart of the Prunelli valley that has been cultivated by the Bianchetti family since the 19th century; passing down respect for this land so that it can continue to provide the finest fruit for future generations without suffering the effects of time and rampant urbanisation; and finally, passing down a love of wine that has ensured the Clos Capitoro's place at the forefront of the island's viticultural landscape since 1856.

At the end of this line of succession lies Eloïse Bianchetti, who runs the estate with a clever blend of kindness and determination. “I grew up on the estate and always saw my father making wine. So it was only natural that I trained in viticulture and oenology in the Avignon region before perfecting my training as an oenologist in the Bordeaux region,” explains the young woman. “Before coming back to work at the estate, I gained some initial professional experience in Burgundy.

When I returned, the handover was not even discussed. My father said: you’re trained now, it’s your turn!” The young winegrower realised the responsibility she had and how lucky she was to have her father's trust. “My father is on the estate every day where he pursues his passion for mechanics and hands out advice to me during the winemaking process. He acts as the estate's encyclopaedia, and helps me avoid certain mistakes—which saves a lot of time. As for the rest, he leaves me completely free to make my own decisions and decide on the direction I want to take our wines.”

Eloïse Bianchetti has brought ancestral grape harvesting and wine making techniques up to date in order to propose new cuvées that reflect her personality: gentle and elegant. High standards in terms of quality and respect for the product suggest that this renowned vineyard in the Ajaccio region will enjoy a bright future.

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