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Clos d'Alzeto

Ajaccio PDO wines

Visits : Open all year round except for Sundays and public holidays.

Regions : Dui Sevi-Dui Sorru - Cruzini - Cinarca

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

Zone de livraison

A la vente tous les vins du Domaine et Huile d'Olive :
Prise de commande par telephone et mails
- Paiement par CB à distance.

Produits livrés

Livraison gratuite : sur Ajaccio, le grand Ajaccio, Tiuccia, Sagone et Cargese.
Livraison possible au delà de ce secteur par transporteur.

Route de la Cinarca
20151 Sari d'Orcino |

As if suspended under the sun, the highest vine-covered hillside in Corsica is taking over the mountain, with more than 123 acres dominating the gulfs of Tiuccia, Sagone and Cargese. All the vines face the sea.

The estate belongs to the Albertinis, an old family of wine producers who have lived and worked on this land since 1800. Common sense and respect are key values here at Clos d’Alzeto, where care is taken to ensure that tradition is passed on with the greatest respect for nature, ancestral know-how and modernity to form a harmonious blend.

This granite-based land sits within the area of the protected designation of origin of “Ajaccio” and every plot of the Albertini estate is treated with the greatest of care.  Chemical weed killers are not used – instead, grass is allowed to form a natural cover between the vines on the steepest plots. Traditional varieties of grape such as Vermentinu, Sciaccarellu, Niellucciu and Grenache produce true and rich wines.

The original cellar, an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery, is located next to a highly sophisticated wine store. The grapes are first soaked and then passed through pneumatic presses to produce white and rosé wines. Red wines are produced using traditional methods, without yeast.

Enjoy a warm welcome in the tasting-room, where you can discover consistently award-winning wines as well as other produce from the estate, such as a mouth-watering peppery, smooth and fine olive oil.