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Cantina di Torra

PDO Patrimonio Wines

Visits : All Year around : 9 h - 12h and 14h - 17h

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Wine

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines

route de Saint Florent
20232 Oletta | |

All great accomplishments start off with a dream. And Nicolas Mariotti-Bindi is living proof of this.

After studying law in Paris, he decided to make an about-turn and return to his roots in Corsica to live the dream... of wine making.  However, nothing prepared him for the challenge that was in store.  "I don't come from wine-making stock," he reminds us. And yet, in 2007, he successfully produced his first vintage!

Dreaming, of course, is not enough. It required total passion and devotion. As well as persistence. Before concentrating his efforts on his own estate, Nicolas Mariotti-Bindi did a stint in Beaujolais and attended classes at Patrimonio with Antoine Arena, before becoming Vineyard Manager for Domaine Leccia. “It was Annette Leccia who encouraged me to produce my own vintage. She provided me with the necessary materials, while Henri Orenga de Gaffory sold  me some land. They believed in me".

Currently a twelve-acre estate, Poggio d’Oletta are seeing a rise in Patrimonio organic cultivation. The Pastoreccie vintage produces a ripe Vermentinu with distinct floral and mineral notes. The Porcellese reds are defined by their fine, flavoursome tannins.

"I worked each plot of vines with integrity and a powerful desire to bring out the absolute best.'' My wine is a story in itself. One which is a complete pleasure to share. Each year, it's as if I have a new story to tell!"

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