Describe your region – “Fa scopre u to territoriu”

In January 2013, ODARC organised a competition for young journalists with the aim of increasing local rural awareness. Eight secondary schools from as many different regions took part in the contest.

The Corsican Office for Rural and Agricultural Development understands the importance of introducing the younger generation to agriculture, careers in farming and the richness of rural areas; they have demonstrated this through its involvement in raising awaireness of rural and agricultural life and issues in schools.

Secondary school pupil publications

Students taking part in the contest published their articles and videos between 25 January and 15 February, 2013.

The Pascal Paoli Secondary School, Corté, CENTRU DI CORSICA

Class:  Year 9 (bilingual) - Teacher: Mr P.F. NASICA, LCC

FIUMORBU Secondary School, Prunelli di Fiumorbu, COSTA SERENA

Class: Year 9 (bilingual) - Teachers: Mr John PROFIZI, Music, Ms C. SISTI BAGHIONI, LCC, Mrs F. FILIPPI, SVT, Mrs G. Gambini, LCC, Mrs A. Bertran, French.

Philippe PESCETTI Seconadry School, Cervione, CASTAGNICCIA COSTA VERDE

Class: Year 9 (bilingual) - Teachers: Mrs C. ANZIANI, LCC and Librarian, Ms J.L. CICCOLI, LCC, A.F. VENTURINI, LCC

Pascal Paoli Secondary School, Ile Rousse, BALAGNE

Class: Year 7 and Year 8 (bilingual) - Teachers: Ms L. CASTELLANI, History, Geography, Mr J.J. CANTELLI, LCC

Saint Florent Secondary School, Saint Florent, NEBBIU Cape CORSE

Class: Year 8, Introduction to the Corsican language - Teachers: Ms M.C. FERRANDI, LCC, M.C. LANFRANCHI, SVT, M. L. of the ROSSAT

Rocca Serra Secondary School, Levie, ALTA ROCCA

Class: Year 8 and Years 9 (bilingual) - Teacher: Ms. L. ANGELI, French

Camille Borossi Secondary School, Vico, DUI SEVI DUI SORRU

Class: Years 8, Introduction to Corsican Language - Teacher: Ms ALTIERI LECA, LCC

Petreto Bicchisano Secondary School, Santa Maria Sicche, TARAVU VALINCU SARTINESE

Class: Year 9 (bilingual)

Paul Bungelmi Secondary School, Petreto Bicchisano TARAVU VALINCU SARTINESE - Teacher: Ms MP LANGIANNI, LCC

André Giusti Secondary School, Santa Maria Sicche, TARAVU VALINCU SARTINESE - Teacher: MR L. LEMOINE, LCC

The winning secondary school

The winner of "The Fa scopre u to territoriu" competition is Fiumorbu Secondary School

Trip to Liguria

The winners of the "Fa scopre u to territoriu" competition departed on a four-day holiday in Liguria on 10 April, 2013.

The trip was won by the young journalist competition-winning class from Year 9 (bilingual) at Fiumorbu Secondary School

  • Students aged 12-14: seven boys, thirteen girls
  • Teachers:
    • Mr Jean Noel Profizi, Music,
    • Ms Cathy Sisti Baghioni, Corsica,
    • Ms Annie Bertran, French.
  • The ODARC organisers were: Claudine Bianchi and Véronique Lugarini
  • Our driver: Mr. Taddei

Article on the young Corsicans' voyage in Liguria

Tuscans in Corsica

From 22 May to 25 May, 2013, 50 young Tuscans will be staying in Corsica.

Their trip includes a guided tour of St Florent; a visit to Galea Park with a picnin prepared by Marie Rose Guglielmi, sheep breeder and local farm owner from CENTRU, (iced smoothies, brocciu AOP fritters); various visits to producers’ farms: olives, hazelnuts and a delicious nut-product tasting session.

A Prunelli di Fiumorbu: Italian and Corsican student encounters.

Article in Corse Matin

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