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Pierre CARLI

PDO Honey

Visits : By appointment only

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Honey

Agricultural sectors : Corsican honey

lieu dit U Lustincone
20253 Patrimonio |

La Route des Sens Authentiques (The Authentic Senses Way) is not without meaning in and around Patrimonio. The local honey rightly enjoys an excellent reputation. Pierre Carli provides  ample evidence of this. A beekeeper working under the appellation of origin 'Miel de Corse - Mele di Corsica ", he is friendly, generous... and a perfectionist!

He harvests three different varieties of honey out of the six sold under the label, and is extremely knowledgeable with regard to how to treat his queens. Why? Because he is essentially a "queen doer", one trained by a specialist in the art at the black bee selection and breeding centre in Altiani. They are the source of the adventure, each hive has its own - that makes 200 in all! He sometimes dreams of increasing production, or even exporting some specimens. Who knows...

"I produce different types of honey: for example delicate spring honey, and chestnut honey with a long nose and pronounced bitterness. Not to mention the scrub honeydew and autumn scrub, said to be an acquired taste..."

In Patrimonio, the gold and treasures of his bees cast a spell! It’s true that they reflect the deep soul of this exceptional landscape.

Pierre Carli will be happy to tell you all about honey’s many virtues and benefits to your well-being.

You will undoubtedly end up promoting this very special area yourself - simply by sharing some of this honey with your friends!!

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