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PDO Honey

Visits : All year round, by appointment

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Honey

Agricultural sectors : Corsican honey

Hameau d'Oreta
20233 Pietracorbara |

Gérard always knew his trade would involve working the land. His maternal grandparents were farmers in the village of Parata in the Castagniccia region. Times were tough back then, and when Gérard expressed an interest in becoming a shepherd, his family was adamantly opposed to him leading such a hard life. He reluctantly set off to study in Marseille and at the age of 25 became a sailor.

Meeting Nathalie in 2004 during a sea crossing led to him changing course. She returned to Marseille in love; their conversation had revolved around a common desire to live off the land in a Corsican village. Talk about a coincidence! Before joining the civil service, Nathalie enrolled at the U Borgu Agricultural College in Corsica in 1994 studying vegetable gardening! She strongly encouraged her future husband to follow her example. In 2011, Gérard finally set up as a young Corsican farmer.

"My passion for bees guided me straight to beekeeping, even though I'm not a big fan of honey. Today, we own 15 acres in Marzulinu!" 125 hives are now on the move within the region while waiting to permanently installed in a new honey house.

Listening to Gérard talk about the efforts of his worker bees and Nathalie describe indigenous wild flowers, visitors inevitably start dreaming. "This attachment to the land is what gives us the most pride. We need to protect it and keep it authentic." And in doing so, they've found a simple beautiful life.

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