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PDO Honey

Visits : Year-round.

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Honey

Agricultural sectors : Corsican honey

293 Ld pianezzula
20220 Aregno

Antoine Negretti knows a lot about bees: he has studied under renowned beekeepers, adding to his own research and the hands-on experience he has built up over the last 30 years. "I read books to familiarise myself with the techniques, but it's observation and knowledge of the land that allows you to understand what I call the ‘army corps’, with the Queen at the top," says Antoine.

His passion for apiculture began during family walks as a child; exploring apiaries near his home, he decided that one day he'd have his own hives. "What fascinated me was seeing that these animals would be released into nature every day, but they always came back 'home'. I don't modify their behaviour; I leave my hives to develop naturally. What happens if they don't make any honey? Well, I just have to wait till next year!"

To be a beekeeper and bee enthusiast, as Antoine likes to term himself, requires passion above all things - passion for the bees and for his native island. As Suzanna - Antoine's wife and right-hand woman for the last 3 three years - recalls: "You wanted to be like the guy in the song: ‘to top the bill’!” Antoine adds: "Exactly, so I could hang the “testa mora” (the ‘Moor's Head’, the symbol of Corsica) beside my name with pride!"

When you love what you do, it’s honey before money!

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