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Maria Ghjuvanna COLOMBANI

Dolia - Ferme BOCCA

AOP Honey

Visits : Honey, vinegars, jams
from june to september : visits on friday mornings
Dining at the farm

Regions : Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

Categories : Honey

Agricultural sectors : Corsican honey

20148 Cozzano
  06 10 59 80 79 |

It actually wasn’t in the foothills of the Haut-Taravu that Maria Ghjuvanna Colombani found her vocation as a beekeeper, but on the rugged coast of her native Cap-Corse. After obtaining a Master’s degree in history, she traded the university’s halls for those of the agricultural college, where she would devote herself to an activity that has always captivated her: beekeeping. Once she became a beekeeper, she would dedicate herself to quality and produce several types of PDO honey.

After meeting a young saffron grower from Taravu (Sylvain Martinez-Ciccolini), she would go on to build her hives in Cozzano. “Sylvain and I are both passionate about our professions, and the interaction between my honey and his saffron occurred naturally,” explains Maria Ghjuvanna.

Led by a love of good food, Maria produces a range of unique products: honey vinegars, honey jams, muesli, biscuits, etc. The next challenge facing this couple of foodie farmers is to come up with a honey-saffron range and begin their farm dining project to encourage people to discover their products, but also (and above all) to keep having fun!

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