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Miellerie E Cabanelle

PDO Honey

Visits : Open: all year round by appointment.

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Honey

Agricultural sectors : Corsican honey

Route de Saint-Florent - Ld Cabanelle
20232 Oletta |

~~The son and grandson of amateur beekeepers in Castagniccia, Alain Scopelliti spent his childhood surrounded by apiaries. It was only natural that he would make the leap!

At 32 years old, Alain changed careers and soon set up his farm on the plains of Nebbiu following his training at the Borgu college. Starting with around thirty hives in 2005, Alain, having learnt techniques such as breeding queens, now has 350! “I won’t go beyond that though,” he says, “as above all I want to maintain the quality of my product and make sure it stays completely authentic”.

Six varieties make up the range of Mieillerie E Cabanelle. Work is carried out in collaboration with other players in the region. “Mutual support is very important for us and, following the difficult years that we have just had, (Alain is referring to the bacteria that threaten and attack various island species), it’s great to see what we can count on other farmers,” adds the passionate beekeeper.

A reserved and genuinely compassionate person, Alain perfectly combines farmer exchanges and a love of nature. “Finally, all you have to do is look up to see how beautiful our island is!” Wise words!

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