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Christophe BARBARAS

Les ruchers de la Casaluna

PDO honey

Visits : From May to January by appointment

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : Honey

Agricultural sectors : Corsican honey

hameau Borgu - San Lorenzo village
20244 San Lorenzo
  06 85 75 00 48

On arriving at Christophe Barbaras’s honey house in the small village of San Lorenzu in Castagniccia, we find a calm young man meticulously sorting his latest pollen harvest. He welcomes visitors simply with a sincere smile through which you can see the features of a beekeeper. Through watching him open his hives and take care of his bees, one can’t help but wonder who chose whom. Surely, they identify with discretion and a strong work ethic? Surely, they must share the same contemplative love of nature and the desire to extract its essence?

The beekeeper is perpetually searching for the most beautiful blooms, whether they show up in Castagniccia or further afield. “Sometimes I go as far as Cristinacce, for example. I explore this or that area and sometimes I manage to make honeys with original floral essences that are quite unusual for Corsica,” Christophe explains. He patiently creates refined, sweet or more full-flavoured honeys depending on the season, the surrounding nature and the willingness of his bees.

“As a very shy person, this work also forces me to open up to others when I present my honeys. It didn’t come naturally to me at first but I really enjoy it nowadays,” he says modestly. His continuous communication and harmony with the bees has certainly helped!

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